Our History

fifty years of entrepreneurial activity

Gino Cannicci

Our story begins way back in 1964, when Gino Cannicci decided to invest in Sover SpA, a small production company in the Belluno area of northern Italy.


Located in the heart of an area with a strong tradition in the optical sector, Sover is able to draw on a highly-qualified workforce together with significant investment in new production technologies which favour the rapid growth of the company.


Sover has always been recognized for the production of eyewear made with injection technology.

Sisco Ltd

Initial negotiations in 1983 aimed at establishing the first joint-venture in the optical sector between a European and a Chinese company. Sisco Ltd. is founded.


Tecnosint Srl is established in 1983 and later becomes SINTECO Srl, thanks to the development of a molding automation technology, subsequently developed and industrialized by SOVER. The company then follows a path of rapid development and diversification into other industrial sectors.

Magic Line

1988 Sover joins the Magic Line shareholding, a small company that distributes the Winchester product to a national market through its own sales network.


1994 sees the start of the development of an international sales network, particularly in Eastern Europe, which at the time was undergoing a phase of significant growth. In rapid succession, 3 joint ventures with local distributors in Prague (1994), Moscow (1994), Bucharest (1994) and Kiev (1997).

House Brand

The Sover collection, our historic house brand, has been exporting Italian style for over sixty years around the world. In fact it was the first Made In Italy brand to be distributed in strategic markets such as China and Russia.

Alberta Ferretti

1995 Sover signs a license agreement for the production and distribution of Alberta Ferretti eyewear.

Prograph Research

Prograph Research is established in 1998, an innovative company engaged in the rapidly growing video game sector.

Lotto Sport Italia

1999 Sover signs a license agreement for the production and distribution of Lotto eyewear. Testimonials from Andriy Shevchenko, followed by Ciro Ferrara.

Giugiaro Design

1999 Sover signs a licensing agreement with Giugiaro Design for the production and distribution of Giugiaro Design and Laura Giugiaro eyewear.


2002 the first Sover store opens in Romania.

Alviero Martini 1° Classe

March 17, 2003 Sover signs a license agreement for the production and distribution of Alviero Martini Prima Classe eyewear.

Leather eyewear

Thanks to a collaboration with Alviero Martini, Sover develops its first collection of leather eyewear.


2005 Alviero Martini eyewear participates in the first Donnavventura expedition.

Mariella Burani

2005 Sover signs a contract for the production and distribution of Mariella Burani eyewear.


2006 Sover signs a contract for the production and distribution of Baldinini eyewear.


February 2007 Sover enters the luxury segment of the market by signing an important licensing agreement with Ciro Paone Spa for the Kiton brand.

MCS Marlboro Classic

2010 Sover signs a licensing agreement with Valentino Fashion Group for the production and distribution of MCS (Marlboro Classic) eyewear.


2010 a special collaboration begins with the singer Zucchero Fornaciari and his daughter Irene for the production of a capsule collection of sunglasses.

Laura Biagiotti

May 3, 2010 Sover and Laura Biagiotti announce a three-year license agreement for the worldwide production and distribution of sunglasses and optical frames with the “Laura Biagiotti Eyewear” brand.

Einar Italia

2015 Sover launches Einar Italia, a new business initiative with the Einar Group for the creation and distribution of house brand collections positioned in the low to medium range of the market.


2021 we decide to set up IdeAzione.net, our Powerhouse of Ideas set to put into practice!

Superb Vision

2022: we start an ambitious project for the development of the Italian distribution network with Superb Vision. a Spanish group producer and distributor of Kubik, Julia Backer and Ted Walker eyewear collections.

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